A Kid’s Rainy Tropic Daydream

I was in a bedroom in another’s home when I heard the night news on the radio. A radio which withstood many flus, back pains, coffee breaths, and uncalled reactions. The room was cold and cozy, with happy people fondly bickering at each other. It was in between these few minutes when I vividly remembered how my Lola (grandmother in Tagalog) prepared my mid-morning snack every time classes are suspended due to a typhoon in our country. The salty scent of an instant Nissin ramen noodles mixed with egg and paired with a Pinoy favourite cracker, Skyflakes. To gulp down this high sodium duo my Lola also gave me a local loved and made orange juice, either Zesto or Sunny. These two high in sugar drinks completed my kiddie obsession for preserved goods. These pairings never fail to bring warmth inside me, even if I only take these now through my imaginative state. I also recalled the feeling I had when I

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Humanitarian Ar+

In his instantly recognizable, grandly sweeping style, eL Seed has painted Arabic calligraffiti murals everywhere from Tunisia to Paris. Recently, he created his most ambitious project yet: a mural that spans 50 buildings that can only be fully seen from a nearby mountain. eL Seed pursued this self-funded project as a way to make a political point,… via The wonder and humanity of a mural that spans 50 buildings — ideas.ted.com As part of my first few steps to going back to blogging I made myself a promise that every morning right after my morning rituals I will try to read certain blogs and/or read a few pages from the book I am currently reading. So I started this promise today, I browsed the Discover section of WordPress and that led me to the post above. At first, I thought the gigantic wall murals were computerized but when I took a closer look it was hand-painted by  a certain artist named eL

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