The Irrelevance of Excessive Consciousness


Existence and consciousness are two real aspects of human beings. So real that these two are too fragile to be left unchecked and too dangerous to be left on their own. In my own perception, without the scientific basis and theories, these are the two basic DNA of a person’s identity. You see while I was having mainstream coffee in an overrated coffee shop surrounded by tasteless coffee junkies I had a revelation, though this revelation may not have a scientific bearing still I somehow believe that my revelation made sense. Please excuse my mundane vocabulary and please forgive my arrogant, ignorant tone but it came to me that when a person has high regards for her consciousness she might also have a greater grasp of her own existence. The logic behind this is simple, if you are not aware of your consciousness, this includes your surroundings and your whole being and basically your every day life, this implies that you have no direction towards your planned life BUT if you are fully aware of your daily life, from your basic routine to your most random act you will at least have a direction of your life. And as we all know if you have direction you have something to hold on to whenever you feel like you took the wrong road towards your “Emerald City.” Without the personalized direction you paved for yourself you might and will eventually lose your meaning of life, your existence. And this, my online friends, will lead to self-destruction.

Mirage in the Desert

But with the intoxications that surround our every day life it will be too easy to lose both. It will be too easy to lose our identity and our direction. We can be easily consumed by the cheap, shallow, materialistic temptations of modern society. The social media sites that we are all addicted to or at least we all rely on nowadays are filled with pretentious, apathetic people and fabricated information. These online sites also present a blurred distinction between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs thus taking advantage of human’s already frail reasoning.

What seems to be a harmless exposure to the trends in the community may as well be like a mirage in the desert. Social media sites may present themselves as helping tools that will bring people closer to one another, and to keep the people informed and updated trends, and current affairs of the society but in reality these expose harsh gullibility of people.

Simplicity in an Excessive World

In a world like ours where living a simple life has been more challenging it is becoming a necessity for each individual to learn how to cope up with the ever evolving consumer society we live in. Due to the global economic fluctuations people are now rediscovering the beauty of living frugally. There are now circumstances where people, those who are living even in first-world countries, are forced into a corner to live the frugal life and through this people may slowly inherit or learn again the values that are associated with it.

Throughout the centuries man’s greatest minds have found a link between living a simple life and being a better person. It takes great discipline and perseverance to withdraw from all the material temptations that normally come in with the evolution of mankind.

But we may also find the answer in the evolution of mankind, the very reason why we all clamor for material evidence of our economic growth. Through our evolution we will encounter several life-changing decisions that will have a severe impact on the interconnectedness of human life. These decisions may and will direct us toward the improvement or destruction of our world. If we go to the direction towards destruction then through this fault we will learn how to live a simple life again. But then again, we are still humans and so are future generations, the thirst for something more, for something grand will never subside.

Humanitarian Ar+

In his instantly recognizable, grandly sweeping style, eL Seed has painted Arabic calligraffiti murals everywhere from Tunisia to Paris. Recently, he created his most ambitious project yet: a mural that spans 50 buildings that can only be fully seen from a nearby mountain. eL Seed pursued this self-funded project as a way to make a political point,…

via The wonder and humanity of a mural that spans 50 buildings —

As part of my first few steps to going back to blogging I made myself a promise that every morning right after my morning rituals I will try to read certain blogs and/or read a few pages from the book I am currently reading. So I started this promise today, I browsed the Discover section of WordPress and that led me to the post above.

At first, I thought the gigantic wall murals were computerized but when I took a closer look it was hand-painted by  a certain artist named eL Seed. What caught my attention here was the wall mural, of course. His wall mural is not just art rather it is a reflection of the inhabitants of the area. The mural is the interpretation of a quotation eL Seed personally chose for the locals, which I must say is impressive because it shows that he spent time and effort to personally know his subject/s. He did not paint the murals just for the sake of publicity and art. He did it for humanity.

Now, living in a chaotic, urban jungle like Manila has stirred up my limited knowledge on urban planning and art. I traverse the 23.8-kilometer EDSA almost every day and the gray, vandalized and polluted walls that I see make my face twitch. Well mentally speaking those walls almost make me vomit inside my mouth. Those walls did not ease the stress that the commuters have, it seems those walls add more to the everyday stress of those poor commuters. Yes, there are certain parts where the walls were painted with Filipino-inspired art murals, and it was a good start but there was no continuity, the project just stopped, and the maintenance clearly sucks. The once colourful wall murals are now fading because of pollution. The murals are starting to turn Gray and starting to look like vandals.

I believe that a part of the government’s responsibility to provide effective and efficient roads and mass transportation is to provide a surrounding where people can harmoniously interconnect with each other and with their selves, and one way to promote such things is for the government to build commuter-friendly roads. As a start the government can paint colourful wall murals, these wall murals will also symbolise the Philippine culture. It will also tell the story of how we, the Filipinos, came to be. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Commuters will have a glimpse or a refresher of Philippine history and culture and at the same time they will have a breather from all the stress they have from work, from their home etc.

Oh for heaven’s sake I pray that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the government arm mainly responsible for the beautification and development of EDSA, will stop wasting time and budget by hiring pitiful painters. I hope that with the start of a new government MMDA together with local government units will actually cooperate and change the 23.8-kilometer gruesome stretch of EDSA into a commuters’ paradise.