The Shawshank Query

Obviously this collage was inspired by the movie, The Shawshank Redemption. I am already aware of the injustices, abuses,  and rampant corruption inside penitentiaries but to, again, see visualizations of such dilemmas is either heartbreaking or rewarding for the viewers.

Heartbreaking because some people still believe in equality and morality. Even though the inmates did break the law they are still human beings who deserve to be treated as such. On the other hand, some people will feel that the inmates deserve to be treated as animals because of their faults/ crimes against society.

But then if we talk about crimes against society then we all deserve to be locked up

Shawshank Redemption with name

*The photos I used were all gathered from the ever-reliable Google, I clearly do not claim ownership of the photos, only the ideas being conveyed in the “artwork.”

Penchant for weirdness

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