So after a (long) hiatus from my beloved WordPress I finally decided to post again. When I was drunk with wine, an idea popped into my then-brittle mind, I thought I can also post sets of collage made up of various ideas that come into my mind. It can be an idea from a movie I watched, a book I read or reading, it can also come from things that I see outside my car window and it can be from any random thoughts.

So here I am making this recent entry to my blog and hoping that you will, somehow, enjoy my (crazy, weird) thoughts.

First collage was inspired by a book I finished reading last month, the book was The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black. Personally, this book fall under Philosophy-Theology-Historical categories. It truly opened my brain to absurd possibilities about our beliefs and the history that we were taught in school, and the history that we taught ourselves when we realised that almost every thing we learned in school were crap.

Orgasm A with name

*The photos I used were all gathered from the ever-reliable Google, I clearly do not claim ownership of the photos, only the ideas being conveyed in the “artwork.”

Penchant for weirdness

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