Immortal Peace

(credits to the owner of the photo)

Suicide has been since a malign of humans, the final option of people who lose hope or those who want to save themselves from public humiliation. The people who commit this act were so easily judged and, if you are a sympathetic being, at the same time, easily mourned. But there are always some reasons why people cut their own mortal life. These reasons, no matter how common, matter greatly to the people who perceive suicide as their final salvation.

No matter how hard we try to understand their reasons we will never truly understand. We can try but we will only be fooling ourselves. We can claim that we understand their underlying reasons but our interpretation can be far, far, faraway from their own. So it’s better not to claim anything so as not to disrespect the departeds’ souls.

Suicide is such a broad and deep subject that to tackle it you will find yourself confused and doubtful of your own logic. With this statement I will only share my personal perspective or thoughts about the subject. There will be those against my opinion but, the heck, we are all entitled to have our own.

I do not believe in suicide’s portrayal of hope but then I do not condemn the people who committed this. I do not patronize suicide but maybe there is something about this that others find comforting. Maybe suicide is their own personal buoy so they will not fall into the depths of mortal tragedies. In other words, suicide is their way of saving themselves from further sins and public judgement.

Then there are people who just felt that they already reached their end of the line, that their journey has come to an end but the problem is, they are still alive. It’s not losing reason to live but it was more like they already did the end of their bargain. They felt that they already accomplished their purpose to live. And that my friends, is something only they can know, feel and, understand.

Let us not label them as weak, we do not have the slightest idea how hard they fought their growing urge to end their life.

Let us not label them as selfish, maybe they did it because it is their way of no longer burdening their loved ones with their personal dilemma.

Let us not be the ones to judge because we are nothing better compared to them.

Let us learn to respect and hope that they will finally find the immortal peace they tried so hard to grasp in their mortal lives.

(credits to the owner of the photo)

*In memory of Chester Bennington

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