Wasp Wannabe

Stieg Larsson’s Millenium novels; when I saw his latest novel I didn’t think twice on buying it!
Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander (English version) Photo source: bing.com

With her dyed jet black hair, her smoky-black eyeliner laden eyes, her pale skin and skinny as hell body every one can mistake her as a school rat, a rebel without a cause, a girl who knows nothing but to do drugs and have sex. BUT if you look closely at her striking eyes you will feel that that this girl has an in-depth, unconventional understanding of our fucked-up society. I am talking about Lisbeth Salander, the antihero, feminist protagonist of Stieg Larsson’s four Millennium novels.


She is my ideal female protagonist because she is not a damsel in distress nor a sucked-up lady obsessed with female-ish stuff (Pink, unicorns and all), she is not dependent on any man (or woman) and she is one smart and highly-skilled woman. She has astounding hacking skills and she is known in the hacking world as The Wasp. She has an exceptional talent in keeping her identity a secret, she has a photographic memory (which I wished I also have), she fights for women and children who were abused by the male-driven society, and she has the allure to make both men and women awkwardly attracted to her.

Photo source: bing.com

The first time I read the book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the first time I read about The Wasp and the first time imagined Lisbeth’s appearance I slowly got hooked into her mysterious personality. I was slowly mesmerized by her dark charisma, I was slowly enthralled by her enigmatic intelligence.

She did have a dark and troubled childhood but her experiences did not detracted her from being sane and pursuing justice for her and for the people victimized by villainous corporations and soulless people. She fought for justice in her own ways, she fought in ways she thinks will do more harm to these abusive, exploitative “superpowers.”

I always imagined myself to have super skills in hacking just like hers. Imagine having access to all those information, imagine having that kind of power at the tip of your hands. With a simple gadget  such as a laptop, reliable internet connection, your wit, and your fearlessness to discover the unknown and readiness to reveal those dirty secrets being kept by selfish conglomerates and individuals around the world you can actually fight these villains. Lisbeth Salander proved to me that you do not need superhuman strength and you do not need to be a product of some scientific research or experiment to be a hero. I know every realistic person knows this but what made Lisbeth more appealing to me is the fact that her character perfectly fits in our world today. With the globalisation process at its all time high, the exploding information dump in the internet, and the rampant hackings of government websites it is not impossible to actually think that a certain Lisbeth Salander is out there working her arse off to expose dirty politics and businesses.

Even though she has access to the world’s sensitive and crucial information she never reveals any of it WITHOUT a justifiable and strong reason. Maybe that’s it, the another thing that made me adore Lisbeth Salander a.k.a The Wasp is that she does not solely fight for the gospel truth. She is ready to bend the social norms if needed to fight the injustices of our system.  

The Wasp Photo source: bing.com

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