Cultural Chaos


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If I were the President of the Republic of the Philippines, or at the least a first-degree family member or a close friend/ally of the President two of the priority issues that I will raise are the Filipinos’ ignorance to history and our cultural deformity.

I believe that these two issues are intertwined to each other, for what ever happened in the past will eventually be a part of a country’s story thus it will then be embedded on the country’s culture. In my own perspective a country’s culture is a reflection of its inhabitants’ intellectual achievements and their intellectual achievements can be defined by their experiences. By indoctrination of OUR history and culture my fellow Filipinos will have a firsthand insight of the malign that started the consciousness of our revolutionaries which paved the way for our freedom. Maybe, hopefully, or most probably, through education the present and future Filipinos will dearly hold our country’s welfare.

I have been so frustrated since I heard and read about other countries’ archaeological explorations and discoveries. I am always in awe every time I read from National Geographic, Discovery News, History Channel news and other reliable sites that there has been another new finds about their ancestors, be it from every day household materials to a system of roads or forgotten-buried cities OR bones of historical figures whose remains whom experts believed have been lost in time. I envy their people because through those discoveries it can unconsciously affect their pride and dignity for being who they are.

Until now I am wondering where the hell are our own artifacts? Are we really that apathetic to our ancestors and history that we really do not care to search, explore our 7,100 islands for such things? Or are we really that greed that we sell every gold or some thing that has value to foreigners? Or is our government, for the longest time, so calloused to us, to the people’s rants that they no longer care to educate and instill to the youth the richness of our country’s history? For sure even a country like ours we also have those valuable discoveries waiting to be explored.

I will fight for the budget to support explorations within the country. I will search for homegrown historians, experts, and professionals to lead several expeditions, And if needed, I might also hire foreign people to be a part of the different teams that will help me ignite the passion of Filipinos to learn and take into heart our country’s history and culture.

In the scattered islands of the Philippines it is hundred and one percent impossible that, if such explorations take place, the teams will not discover some thing or things that will change how we, local or foreign, look at the Philippines’ story.

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