Immortal Peace

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Suicide has been since a malign of humans, the final option of people who lose hope or those who want to save themselves from public humiliation. The people who commit this act were so easily judged and, if you are a sympathetic being, at the same time, easily mourned. But there are always some reasons why people cut their own mortal life. These reasons, no matter how common, matter greatly to the people who perceive suicide as their final salvation.

No matter how hard we try to understand their reasons we will never truly understand. We can try but we will only be fooling ourselves. We can claim that we understand their underlying reasons but our interpretation can be far, far, faraway from their own. So it’s better not to claim anything so as not to disrespect the departeds’ souls.

Suicide is such a broad and deep subject that to tackle it you will find yourself confused and doubtful of your own logic. With this statement I will only share my personal perspective or thoughts about the subject. There will be those against my opinion but, the heck, we are all entitled to have our own.

I do not believe in suicide’s portrayal of hope but then I do not condemn the people who committed this. I do not patronize suicide but maybe there is something about this that others find comforting. Maybe suicide is their own personal buoy so they will not fall into the depths of mortal tragedies. In other words, suicide is their way of saving themselves from further sins and public judgement.

Then there are people who just felt that they already reached their end of the line, that their journey has come to an end but the problem is, they are still alive. It’s not losing reason to live but it was more like they already did the end of their bargain. They felt that they already accomplished their purpose to live. And that my friends, is something only they can know, feel and, understand.

Let us not label them as weak, we do not have the slightest idea how hard they fought their growing urge to end their life.

Let us not label them as selfish, maybe they did it because it is their way of no longer burdening their loved ones with their personal dilemma.

Let us not be the ones to judge because we are nothing better compared to them.

Let us learn to respect and hope that they will finally find the immortal peace they tried so hard to grasp in their mortal lives.

(credits to the owner of the photo)

*In memory of Chester Bennington

The Irrelevance of Excessive Consciousness


Existence and consciousness are two real aspects of human beings. So real that these two are too fragile to be left unchecked and too dangerous to be left on their own. In my own perception, without the scientific basis and theories, these are the two basic DNA of a person’s identity. You see while I was having mainstream coffee in an overrated coffee shop surrounded by tasteless coffee junkies I had a revelation, though this revelation may not have a scientific bearing still I somehow believe that my revelation made sense. Please excuse my mundane vocabulary and please forgive my arrogant, ignorant tone but it came to me that when a person has high regards for her consciousness she might also have a greater grasp of her own existence. The logic behind this is simple, if you are not aware of your consciousness, this includes your surroundings and your whole being and basically your every day life, this implies that you have no direction towards your planned life BUT if you are fully aware of your daily life, from your basic routine to your most random act you will at least have a direction of your life. And as we all know if you have direction you have something to hold on to whenever you feel like you took the wrong road towards your “Emerald City.” Without the personalized direction you paved for yourself you might and will eventually lose your meaning of life, your existence. And this, my online friends, will lead to self-destruction.

Mirage in the Desert

But with the intoxications that surround our every day life it will be too easy to lose both. It will be too easy to lose our identity and our direction. We can be easily consumed by the cheap, shallow, materialistic temptations of modern society. The social media sites that we are all addicted to or at least we all rely on nowadays are filled with pretentious, apathetic people and fabricated information. These online sites also present a blurred distinction between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs thus taking advantage of human’s already frail reasoning.

What seems to be a harmless exposure to the trends in the community may as well be like a mirage in the desert. Social media sites may present themselves as helping tools that will bring people closer to one another, and to keep the people informed and updated trends, and current affairs of the society but in reality these expose harsh gullibility of people.

Simplicity in an Excessive World

In a world like ours where living a simple life has been more challenging it is becoming a necessity for each individual to learn how to cope up with the ever evolving consumer society we live in. Due to the global economic fluctuations people are now rediscovering the beauty of living frugally. There are now circumstances where people, those who are living even in first-world countries, are forced into a corner to live the frugal life and through this people may slowly inherit or learn again the values that are associated with it.

Throughout the centuries man’s greatest minds have found a link between living a simple life and being a better person. It takes great discipline and perseverance to withdraw from all the material temptations that normally come in with the evolution of mankind.

But we may also find the answer in the evolution of mankind, the very reason why we all clamor for material evidence of our economic growth. Through our evolution we will encounter several life-changing decisions that will have a severe impact on the interconnectedness of human life. These decisions may and will direct us toward the improvement or destruction of our world. If we go to the direction towards destruction then through this fault we will learn how to live a simple life again. But then again, we are still humans and so are future generations, the thirst for something more, for something grand will never subside.

FIGARO 112916



From across the universe you called my restless soul

From an endless wandering called life, you halted my desperate search for meaning

All these infectious lies and distorted reality doomed by my imaginary black hole

Inside my black hole there was you, you who made me feel alive

More alive than the blooming flower rained upon by the morning dew

You’re a shining supernova

You’re a newborn star to my dying universe


You let me read your obscure personality

You let me pull you out of your own swirling mud of unsung promises

You let me be your own dose of ecstatic bliss

You let me be your own medication

We built our own youthful glory

We ran into the night and gutted the frightening reality of our might

We were one

We were infinite


Maybe I was blinded by you

Maybe I let your glaring beauty envelop my reason

Maybe every thing was too much for us to grasp

We were still together

But I was afraid we were no longer on the same course

A lone mass of blackness

A sulfuric scent of an unwanted being off-coursed your vision

You brought disease to my flawless system

You brought me heart sore and inflated, made-up promises

I was hurting while you were building someone else’s universe

But I was still there

And you came back

We still believed


We came back to our made-up universe

We returned beneath the glimmering sky of sun shine

We embraced our world of doubts and new promises

Inconsistencies cloud our once clear course towards us,

Towards our infinity

We fought the shadows of our wounded past

We suppressed the unnerving psychology of trust and rebuilt

 I am still your unpolished golden lamp

And you are still my perfect imperfect sunshine

Rainy Day Hues

Our world fell apart when we started to grow old; haven’t you noticed?

As the years flew by our screen window we failed to see what was truly going on between our cold fingertips. Our untouched dinner on the table, our unkempt white bed sheets did try to give us a warning. All those seconds passed by were our tears kept and consoling words unsaid. There were numerous times when we were already on the verge of jumping into the unknown abyss, having no clue if we will survive the fall together or we will survive separately. As much as how many times there were uncertain periods in our relationship these were also the number of times that I was tempted to jump alone; to see if I can survive the fall only to be at fault or if I can walk out of the dark and cold abyss to find something new and promising.

You were my lifesaver. You were my anchor, you kept me in place, you were my sanity.

Today as I write this, watching the rain fall and listening to the cars passing by I say to myself you are still my anchor. The problem is I no longer see you as that anchor who keeps me sane, who saves me from being lost at this chaotic sea of human weaknesses. You are an anchor, an anchor that holds me down and stops me from wandering, exploring what else this fragile life of mine has yet to offer. Am I being selfish or hypocrite for wanting freedom from you; from our relationship that once brought me real happiness?

I wanted so long to say these to you but I am afraid that your childish manner will get in the way of your reason and lead us to completely fall apart. I still love you but there are things that I need to know on my own.

I guess it is true that some times love is no longer enough to keep a relationship real. It is heartbreaking to say these words but……..

Wasp Wannabe

Stieg Larsson’s Millenium novels; when I saw his latest novel I didn’t think twice on buying it!
Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander (English version) Photo source:

With her dyed jet black hair, her smoky-black eyeliner laden eyes, her pale skin and skinny as hell body every one can mistake her as a school rat, a rebel without a cause, a girl who knows nothing but to do drugs and have sex. BUT if you look closely at her striking eyes you will feel that that this girl has an in-depth, unconventional understanding of our fucked-up society. I am talking about Lisbeth Salander, the antihero, feminist protagonist of Stieg Larsson’s four Millennium novels.


She is my ideal female protagonist because she is not a damsel in distress nor a sucked-up lady obsessed with female-ish stuff (Pink, unicorns and all), she is not dependent on any man (or woman) and she is one smart and highly-skilled woman. She has astounding hacking skills and she is known in the hacking world as The Wasp. She has an exceptional talent in keeping her identity a secret, she has a photographic memory (which I wished I also have), she fights for women and children who were abused by the male-driven society, and she has the allure to make both men and women awkwardly attracted to her.
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The first time I read the book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the first time I read about The Wasp and the first time imagined Lisbeth’s appearance I slowly got hooked into her mysterious personality. I was slowly mesmerized by her dark charisma, I was slowly enthralled by her enigmatic intelligence.

She did have a dark and troubled childhood but her experiences did not detracted her from being sane and pursuing justice for her and for the people victimized by villainous corporations and soulless people. She fought for justice in her own ways, she fought in ways she thinks will do more harm to these abusive, exploitative “superpowers.”

I always imagined myself to have super skills in hacking just like hers. Imagine having access to all those information, imagine having that kind of power at the tip of your hands. With a simple gadget  such as a laptop, reliable internet connection, your wit, and your fearlessness to discover the unknown and readiness to reveal those dirty secrets being kept by selfish conglomerates and individuals around the world you can actually fight these villains. Lisbeth Salander proved to me that you do not need superhuman strength and you do not need to be a product of some scientific research or experiment to be a hero. I know every realistic person knows this but what made Lisbeth more appealing to me is the fact that her character perfectly fits in our world today. With the globalisation process at its all time high, the exploding information dump in the internet, and the rampant hackings of government websites it is not impossible to actually think that a certain Lisbeth Salander is out there working her arse off to expose dirty politics and businesses.

Even though she has access to the world’s sensitive and crucial information she never reveals any of it WITHOUT a justifiable and strong reason. Maybe that’s it, the another thing that made me adore Lisbeth Salander a.k.a The Wasp is that she does not solely fight for the gospel truth. She is ready to bend the social norms if needed to fight the injustices of our system.  

The Wasp Photo source:

Cultural Chaos


Some of my Filipiniana-published book collection

If I were the President of the Republic of the Philippines, or at the least a first-degree family member or a close friend/ally of the President two of the priority issues that I will raise are the Filipinos’ ignorance to history and our cultural deformity.

I believe that these two issues are intertwined to each other, for what ever happened in the past will eventually be a part of a country’s story thus it will then be embedded on the country’s culture. In my own perspective a country’s culture is a reflection of its inhabitants’ intellectual achievements and their intellectual achievements can be defined by their experiences. By indoctrination of OUR history and culture my fellow Filipinos will have a firsthand insight of the malign that started the consciousness of our revolutionaries which paved the way for our freedom. Maybe, hopefully, or most probably, through education the present and future Filipinos will dearly hold our country’s welfare.

I have been so frustrated since I heard and read about other countries’ archaeological explorations and discoveries. I am always in awe every time I read from National Geographic, Discovery News, History Channel news and other reliable sites that there has been another new finds about their ancestors, be it from every day household materials to a system of roads or forgotten-buried cities OR bones of historical figures whose remains whom experts believed have been lost in time. I envy their people because through those discoveries it can unconsciously affect their pride and dignity for being who they are.

Until now I am wondering where the hell are our own artifacts? Are we really that apathetic to our ancestors and history that we really do not care to search, explore our 7,100 islands for such things? Or are we really that greed that we sell every gold or some thing that has value to foreigners? Or is our government, for the longest time, so calloused to us, to the people’s rants that they no longer care to educate and instill to the youth the richness of our country’s history? For sure even a country like ours we also have those valuable discoveries waiting to be explored.

I will fight for the budget to support explorations within the country. I will search for homegrown historians, experts, and professionals to lead several expeditions, And if needed, I might also hire foreign people to be a part of the different teams that will help me ignite the passion of Filipinos to learn and take into heart our country’s history and culture.

In the scattered islands of the Philippines it is hundred and one percent impossible that, if such explorations take place, the teams will not discover some thing or things that will change how we, local or foreign, look at the Philippines’ story.


So before I count thousands of sheep in my head I came across The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge. This week’s photo challenge: EARTH and this instantly woke up my brainwaves.

Ever since I watched the Disney adaptation of Pocahontas and the movie Ferngully The Last Rainforest, I learned that our beloved Earth indeed speaks to us through the rocks, clouds, river, and other materials that lie around us, sprouting from the navel of our Mother Earth. Well this might sound too melodramatic or too “hippy” but since I found out all about these I became more sensitive to the pain and happiness of Earth. I was able to appreciate more the beauty and the majestic sights Earth has given and continues to give.

Do you remember or have you heard the lyrics of Colours of the Wind, it was the official movie theme song of Disney’s Pocahontas? Well if not, there is a line there that basically sums up what I think we all should always keep in mind, “But I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name,” If we all think that every thing around us has life, can understand us then maybe, just maybe our minute conscience inside our brain will learn to respect and care for OUR EARTH.

As a tribute to this fantastic planet we live in, here are some photos that I took during my travels in the Philippines and other countries:


IMG_2959IMG_2966IMG_2969IMG_2980IMG_2981IMG_2982IMG_2983IMG_2984IMG_2990IMG_2992IMG_2996IMG_2997IMG_2999IMG_3002IMG_3005IMG_2370IMG_2344PS: If you are interested to borrow some of the photos, please feel free to send me a message. Salamat!